Frequently Asked Questions

The NearlyFreeSpeech.NET FAQ (*)

 Getting Started (*)

What is the difference between Domain Registration, DNS Service, and a web site?

Why does my domain not point to my site yet? (Or: What is an alias and why do I need one?)

How do I connect to my site to upload files?

What's the recommended way to install WordPress on NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

Should I make my own backups?

How do I create a site on your system?

I uploaded a new page, but my browser still shows the old one. What should I do?

Is adding an alias to my site or creating DNS for a domain the same as registering it?

What's the easiest way to register a domain and set up a web site on your service?

Where can I find more information about whether or not your service supports the software I want to use on my site?

After I set up, how long does it take for things to start working?

How do I make a deposit?

Does it matter if filenames are uppercase or lowercase?

How do I remove a domain that is listed on my account?

How do I delete a web site?

Customization (*)

What canonical name settings are available?

How do I enable directory indexes for my site?

How do I create a website for the sole purpose of forwarding visitors to another website?

How do I change the text displayed for missing pages and other errors?

What should my site's canonical name be?

What path should I use for .htpasswd files?

How do I restrict which IP addresses can access my site?

When should the rewrite log be used?

How do I mark my site as static content so I won't be charged for CGI/PHP on a site that doesn't use it?

Can I set up more than one alias for my site?

How do I change the server type my site uses?

Domain Name Service (DNS) (*)

I have NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS and works but does not. Why?

Why are my active and authoritative name servers different?

How should I configure my third-party DNS to point to my site?

What name servers should I use with my domain?

How do I add NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS for a new domain name to my existing website?

I already have NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS for Will it cost more to add (or

How do I use a domain I registered elsewhere with NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS?

I have NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS set up. How do I add a new site using a subdomain?

How do I configure NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS to work with my third-party email service?

What are the 3 IP addresses listed for my site used for? Are they name servers?

What is the "SPF Email Protection" option for DNS?

How do I add / remove DNS records for my domain?

These instructions assume you have turned on our DNS and that your domain name registration has our name servers listed. To turn DNS on for a new domain, see this FAQ entry; to turn it on for a domain you've newly registered with or transferred to us (that wasn't already using our DNS), see this one.

To add new resource records:

  1. Visit the Domains panel.
  2. Select "Manage" under the "DNS" column for the relevant domain (this will say "Add" if you haven't enabled DNS for this domain yet, so do that first and then begin these instructions again).
  3. Select "Add a DNS Resource Record" in the "Actions" box on the next page; instructions for setting up different record types are included on the following page.

To remove existing resource records:

  1. Visit the Domains panel.
  2. Click "Manage" under the "DNS" column for the relevant domain.
  3. Any records that can be deleted will have "Remove" buttons next to them.

NOTE: If you want to remove a CNAME record pointing to an address but do not see a "remove" button, this is an alias you added to your site that must be removed from your site before it will disappear from your DNS records. To remove an alias, visit the Sites panel and click on the relevant site's "Short Name"; the next page will list the aliases and provide "Remove" buttons.

How do I change the name servers for a domain registered with NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

Do you support wildcard DNS?

I have a NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS domain already. If I add a second, different NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS domain can I safely assume that it will use the same name servers as my existing domain?

Can I get secondary DNS in another location?

How come I can't remove that DNS record?

How do I point a NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS record at my dynamic home IP address?

Domain Registration (*)

How do I change the name servers of a domain registered here?

What are the steps involved in a domain transfer?

I want to transfer a domain to NearlyFreeSpeech.NET. Will my site/DNS/email go down if I do?

Can I add or remove RespectMyPrivacy on a domain I already registered here or transferred?

I have a domain with a proxy privacy registration service. Can I transfer it to NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

Is NearlyFreeSpeech.NET an ICANN-accredited registrar?

What happens to my domain's name server settings during a transfer?

I let my domain expire a while ago. Now I'm trying to renew it and I get "renewal failed." Why?

If I still have time left on my existing domain registration with another registrar, can I keep that time if I transfer the domain to NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

Will you remind me before my domain expires?

Why is my domain transfer taking so long?

Why is the domain I transferred to NearlyFreeSpeech.NET not pointing to my site?

What is a push transfer?

What happens to my domain after it expires?

Why am I still paying for RespectMyPrivacy service on my expired domain?

What does the error "The name server modification failed." mean?

What's the maximum number of years for which I can register a domain name?

Can I create child name servers (glue records) within my domain?

What happens if my domain transfer fails?

Do I need to put valid contact information on my domain registration?

Where are the actions for editing my registered domain?

How I do I get the transfer code for a domain registered here?

Can you send the domain transfer approval to a different email address?

I have a bunch of domains to register/renew/transfer. Can you help?

Will you be adding additional top-level domains to register?

How do I renew my domain name?

How long does it take to transfer a domain away from NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

When should I renew my domain name?

What top-level domains do you support for registration?

Why does domain registration have different Terms of Service than NearlyFreeSpeech.NET hosting?

Why did my domain transfer fail?

Why does my domain registrar show as "external?"

I renewed my expired domain. Why is it still parked?

How do I get rid of a registered domain I no longer want?

What does the error "the contact information you entered was not accepted by the registry" mean?

What are the steps of a domain registration?

I deposited funds for my domain registration renewal but it hasn't been renewed. What's wrong?

Why doesn't the domain name I just renewed show up in the renewal monitor?

I don't want to keep my domain. How do I stop receiving emails that it's going to expire?

Why do I get "Invalid URL" when I click the email link to approve a domain transfer or verify a domain contact?

What's the difference between adding a contact and editing one?

When is RespectMyPrivacy enabled during domain registration?

What is whois verification?

Email (*)

How much email can my site send?

I need email hosting for my domain. Where should I get it?

I sent a test message from my Gmail account through NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Email Forwarding, which forwards back to my Gmail account. How come it never showed up?

How can I stop spammers from sending email that says that it's from my domain?

How do I send email to others using a domain name for which I have NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Email Forwarding?

I have NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Email Forwarding. Somebody tried to send me email and it was rejected. Why?

How do I set up third-party email services with NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS?

How do I remove / stop being charged for NearlyFreeSpeech.NET email forwarding for my domain?

Why can't I use an email address in a domain hosted here as my contact address?

Why can't I disable the spam filter/virus protection/greylisting on my email forwarding?

What is greylisting?

How do I send email from my dynamic site hosted here?

What should I put in my SPF records to send mail from my site using my domain name?

Log Files (*)

What is the easiest way to make sense of my log files?

Do my site's log files count as space usage for billing purposes?

I've enabled log files, now where are they?

What are log files and how are they used?

My log file is huge and I can't remove it. What do I do?

How does log rotation work?

How do I enable my log files?

Why aren't log files enabled by default?

The return code 304 shows up in my log files all the time. What is it?

How come the bytes in the log file do not add up to what you charged me for?

How many old log files will be kept during log rotation?

What are each of the fields in the access log?

I rotated my log files, but the access_log.old file was not compressed. Why not?

What is the format of the error log?

What happens if I change log file compression techniques?

Member Support (*)

What is the status of my support issue?

How do I request software installation?

What is a system problem?

Do I really have to buy a subscription membership just to get a simple question answered?

How can I give you private feedback about your service?

What are the various responses to a system problem report?

Why was my system problem report closed as "not a system problem?"

What are the options available for member support?

How do system problem reports work?

How do I "cash out" unused support points?

Why don't you provide more detail in response to system problem reports?

Why don't you provide free support?

Can you help me restore something that has been deleted?

Why don't you answer @nfsn tweets?

What is an assistance request?

How do I buy support points?

What if I can't figure out which support option to use?

Why does your support cost so much?

Why shouldn't I wait until I need support to set up a subscription membership?

MySQL (*)

How do I get a MySQL process?

What is the DSN (hostname) I should use to connect to my MySQL database?

Ok, I have a MySQL process. How do I create a database?

What is the difference between a MySQL process and a MySQL database?

If I lose my MySQL admin user password, can you help me get it back?

How do I access my MySQL database process from the ssh server command line?

Can I use ssh port forwarding to access my MySQL database from a remote location?

Where can I find more information on properly creating MySQL users?

What are the default databases present in my MySQL process?

Why do I have to pay for a stopped MySQL process?

What does the MySQL Error Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) mean? (or socket 'please_see_the_faq')

When I change my member password, do my MySQL passwords change too?

Why do I get an error "Cannot log in to the MySQL server" when I try to log in to phpMyAdmin?

When I try to log in to phpMyAdmin I get the error "the username was not provided." What should I do?

After a MySQL upgrade, what do I need to do?

What 'Host' value should I use when creating MySQL users?

Why shouldn't I use my MySQL admin username from my web site?

How can I remove my MySQL process?

How do I enable or disable InnoDB for my MySQL process?

How can I make automatic backups of MySQL?

What does it mean that my MySQL process is "damaged?"

How do I enable or disable MySQL logs?

Non-Member (*)

Doesn't your pricing suck compared to that host that offers 10 bazillion GB (or "unlimited" anything) for $3 a year?

What's the catch?

How much does the average site really cost?

Do you support CGI? PHP? SSI?

What forms of payment do you accept for account deposits?

Do you provide email hosting services?

What database software do you support?

What common web applications work with your system?

Can I use .htaccess files to customize my web server configuration?

May I install other types of servers that are not web-based?

What type of control panel do you use?

What are the most common things that do not work on your system?

Do you provide DNS hosting services?

Is your service easy to use?

What software can I use to access your system?

Why don't you offer static IP addresses?

Do you support SSL for member sites?

What if I want to host unpopular or controversial content?

How does customer service work at NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

How many web sites can I host with a NearlyFreeSpeech.NET membership?

What is your refund policy?

One of your customer's sites offends me. Who do I email to have it taken down?

Do you register domain names?

Do you allow adult content?

What if my site uses less than $0.01 of bandwidth in a month?

What happens if my account runs completely out of funds?

How will I know if my account is about to run out of funds?

What is your hosting network like?

Do you price-match your competitors?

How can you make money at these prices?

Why do you only offer prepaid service?

My web designer says I should use instead of you. What do you say?

Does each of your members get their own dedicated server?

Do you support FrontPage Extensions and ASP?

Does 'NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS' support subdomains?

Can I invest in NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

What is the minimum deposit?

Will you design my web site for me?

How do I report a violation of your Terms and Conditions of Service or illegal activity?

Do I get interest on my deposit?

How big is a gigabyte?

Can I link to files on my NearlyFreeSpeech.NET member site from my existing site somewhere else?

How do I report that my copyrighted content is being distributed by a site you host?

Are you about to pop up a "chat now with sales!" ad on me?

Do you offer collocation?

Can I get a credit if your service goes down?

What happens if I get slashdotted?

What if I want to set up a web site but don't have a domain name / don't want to fool with DNS?

What's the difference between an 'account' and a 'membership?'

How many MySQL databases can I have?

How come your service isn't free?

What's the difference between bandwidth and storage?

If I use your web hosting, will you put banners or ads onto my site?

Why doesn't your website look like other hosting provider sites?

How much does a MySQL process cost?

Do you impose CPU limits?

Are your domain registration services intended for general-purpose usage?

May I send email from a website hosted at NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

What is the scope of your member support?

What if my site gets a DMCA complaint?

I visited a site that is hosted with NearlyFreeSpeech.NET. Why did I receive an "access denied" error?

What happens when I report a technical problem with someone else's services?

How do I report a technical problem with a NearlyFreeSpeech.NET site?

What sort of spam protection does your email forwarding provide?

How do I contact the operator of a site you host?

What if my web site gets attacked?

I am a journalist doing a story on a site you host. May I interview you?

Is your service only for controversial or extreme websites?

Why can't I access your service through the Tor network by default?

Do you provide anonymous hosting?

Should I set up my new small business website at NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

Why aren't I getting system emails from NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

Can I use my NearlyFreeSpeech.NET site to accept credit cards?

Can I host a web or IRC proxy on your service?

Will you pre-approve my web site content for compliance with your Terms and Conditions of Service?

How do I sign up for my company/club/organization?

How much will my site cost to host with you?

What kind of uptime can I expect with NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

What kind of hardware will my site be running on?

How do I regain access to my membership if I lose my login information or two-factor device?

One of your members hosts something for me. Will you give me access to it?

Will you honor a court order requiring the takedown of my site?

Can I use your ssh server as a web/SOCKS proxy?

Why do I get redirected to the login page without an error message when I try to log in to your member site?

Is this cloud computing?

Do you support IPv6?

Why do you host really, really offensive content?

What is supplemental verification?

Do you offer telephone support?

Where are you located?

Someone else uses your service and wants my help with it. How do I help them?

Our Service (*)

How can I have multiple users edit a web site?

What is the fine print on the "two cents" free trial?

What is a resource accounting unit?

How exactly are storage charges calculated?

What is an alternate emergency contact?

How do I ssh out from the ssh server?

Will bandwidth charges apply to my ssh usage?

What are the default directories created when I set up a new site?

How do I transfer something to another member?

What is stochastic billing?

The IP addresses listed for my site have changed since I last looked. Should I be concerned?

I want to create a second website. Should I create a new membership or account first?

How did my account get overdrawn?

How do I cancel my membership?

How can people donate funds to support my site?

I tried to change my contact email address but I never got a confirmation email. How do I get another one sent to me?

Can I have my member login / member name / site name / MySQL process name changed?

Why was I warned that my PayPal deposit is nonrefundable?

How come I can't ping/traceroute stuff on your network?

If I want to start my site over, should I delete it and make another with the same name?

How do I sign up my friend for NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

You forwarded me a DMCA notification affecting my site. Now what?

How do I transfer something from one account to another on my membership?

Why does my bank's website say you charged me a bunch of times?

What is maintenance mode?

How can I share content between sites?

I don't log in to your site all the time. How do I stay up to date on news and announcements?

How do I pay you with a prepaid / gift card?

How do I see what users I have granted adjunct access to my site?

How do I transfer funds between accounts on my membership?

What are the IP addresses of your name servers?

What is the GPG public key for use with signed duplicity remote backups?

How do I change the contact email address I gave you when I created my membership?

How do I hand over control of hosted services to someone else?

Why can't I cancel my membership?

How do I get a receipt for a deposit I made?

How do I pay with MoneyBookers?

What is unbilled storage?

How can I send funds to another member's account or site?

Do you provide SSL certificates?

Programming (*)

Can PHP safe_mode be turned off for my site?

How does CGI work at NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

How do I avoid PHP safe_mode issues when writing files under PHP Fast?

What can I do if I want a script to run every so often on my site (like cron)?

How do I customize my PHP configuration?

What is the path to the root of my site in PHP?

Where can I read more about how PHP works at NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

What is the best HTML editor to use with your system?

How do I increase the PHP memory limit?

Do you have register_globals enabled for PHP?

I am just learning HTML. Do you have any tutorial sites that you recommend?

How do I change the version of PHP that my site uses?

What is the path to the root of my site for CGI scripts?

What is a site realm?

I used an absolute path in an SSI and it didn't work. What should I do?

How do I control what user a CGI script runs as?

Can I compile my own CGI application on your servers?

Troubleshooting (*)

Why shouldn't I report that something is "not working" or "down?"

Why can't I delete or change the permissions of these files my web application created?

If I have a directory called example, why can't I refer to it as /example?

Why does my site keep redirecting to the wrong alias?

I can't access my site at all. What should I check first?

What does it mean that a site "has temporarily exceeded its connection limit?"

How do I get rid of "Unknown Site" errors after my account runs completely out of funds?

When I enter my credit card information why does it say the address is wrong even though I know it isn't?

What does the error message "Zero Sized Reply" mean?

Why do I sometimes receive an "Access Denied" error when visiting my site?

What do I do if someone is trying to waste my site's bandwidth?

Why am I getting a "premature end of script headers" error when I try to run a script?

Why shouldn't I refer to my site as "" in the forum?

Uploading (*)

What is the connection information to upload files to my web site?

How do I upload my content to my site?

Can I access my web site via ssh?

What directory do I upload my web site's files to?

What hostname should I use for SFTP?

What is SFTP?

What program should I use to connect via ssh?

Can I configure my ssh connection to use a public key?

I tried to SFTP to and it failed. Why?

Why do I have to enable FTP in two places to get it to work?

I am having trouble uploading with FTP. What could be wrong?

What are the fingerprints for the NearlyFreeSpeech.NET ssh keys?

What if I think the name of your ssh server is too long?

I can connect to NearlyFreeSpeech.NET just fine, so why is your FTP or ssh server unreachable or timing out?

Wikified (*)

How can I set up simple password protection for part or all of my site?

If I use AWStats, how can I keep just anybody from looking at my statistics?

How do I set up Dreamweaver to upload files to my site?

While running AWStats, I get the message "Error 500: Internal Server Error (Premature end of script headers)." What's wrong?

While running AWStats for the first time, I get a message about permissions. What's going on?

How can I customize NearlyFreeSpeech's provided AWStats script?

When I try to run AWStats it just times out. What's wrong?