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Q. Is automated FTP access to the system allowed?

No. Automated FTP access is never allowed. (And the use of FTP at all is strongly discouraged.)

If automated FTP accesses are detected, the affected site's FTP access may be automatically disabled. If the problem reoccurs, we will block it entirely.

Embedded devices that upload information via FTP automatically such as webcams and weather stations are strictly prohibited. They are a security disaster; they broadcast your plaintext member password over the Internet every time they connect.

If you need FTP access for allowable purposes, but your FTP access to one of your sites has been blocked due to repeated or egregious violation of our policies in this area, and you are a subscription member, you can contact our support for assistance. If you are not a subscription member and you have FTP access blocked under this policy, you will have to alter your methodology to use SSH/SFTP (which you should be doing anyway) and to comply fully with the policies outlined above.

(This answer is for FTP. For SSH, see this related entry.)