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The NearlyFreeSpeech.NET FAQ (*)

Domain Registration (*)

Q. Can you send the domain transfer approval to a different email address?

No, we cannot. The administrative contact must approve the transfer by responding to an email message, and the email address that must be used is the one that is active at the time the transfer is initiated. It would facilitate domain hijacking if there were a way to start a transfer and then override who approves it.

If you have started a domain transfer using incorrect contact information, you have the option of requesting that it be cancelled by using the "Cancel Transfer" link on the domain's registration information page, which is accessible from the Domains panel, using the "Manage" button under the "Registrar" column for that domain.

If you don't cancel it, the transfer will fail on its own and be refunded, which generally takes seven days from the initial transfer request.

In either event, you can retry the transfer as soon as it fails and you see the refund in your account balance. Make sure you have the correct administrative contact email address before retrying the transfer!

Be careful to update the administrative contact without altering the registrant information. If the registrant information is updated, your old domain registrar may refuse to transfer the domain for 60 days. (They're not really supposed to, but sometimes it happens anyway.)