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Q. What is the "Excess Non-Production Sites" charge?

Non-production sites are limited to half your total sites (rounded up). However, to provide maximum flexibility, this limit is not strictly enforced.

If your non-production sites exceed this limit, our system will apply an adjustment charge once per day. This charge equals the number of excess non-production sites multiplied by the difference in daily cost between a non-production site and a production site. It will appear as a charge for "Excess Non-Production Sites" in your account activity and history.

Your total and allowable non-production sites are calculated across your entire membership, not on a per-account basis. E.g., if you have ten sites spread across three accounts, any five sites may be non-production without incurring extra charges.

If you have multiple accounts and excess non-production sites, the charge will be divided proportionally between those accounts. Any remainder will be allocated to an account at random.

If you have many sites eligible for the non-production plan, this charge can eliminate the need to choose some to make production unnecessarily and ensure you are automatically charged the minimum possible for the number of sites you have.

If you prefer to avoid this charge, you can promote your excess sites to a Production plan, consolidate multiple non-production sites with features like per-alias document root, or remove excess Non-Production sites.