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Q. Can I create child name servers (glue records) within my domain?

Our domain registration services are designed and intended to be used in conjunction with our hosting services. Child name server records (AKA glue records) are used only when you are maintaining your own dedicated DNS servers, and therefore are not needed or used by the vast majority of our hosting customers. Consequently, we do not provide this feature via our member interface. (Although if you have any, they will be shown on the "Registration Details" page for your domain.)

However, if you have a need for child name server records in your domain, send us an assistance request containing the hostname and IP address(es) for the desired record(s). You will be charged a nominal fee (usually $0.50 - $1.00 depending on the number of changes) to cover the admin time required to manually perform these changes on your behalf, although this charge is waived if you have an active subscription membership. Please make sure your domain is unlocked when requesting child name server maintenance, and that you let us know you are aware of the extra charge so we don't have to redirect you to this FAQ entry.

We support IPv4 (A) and IPv6 (AAAA) glue records.