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Q. How do I customize my PHP configuration?

You can place customized PHP configuration directives in the file /home/conf/php.ini. This file does not exist by default; create it if you need it. Give the file 644 permissions, so it is readable but not writable by the webserver.

PHP will process this file after, not instead of, the system php.ini file, so you only need your site-specific changes.

This file is not parsed on every request. Changes take a few minutes of idle time to take effect. If your site is never idle, changes may never take effect. To help it along, you can run nfsn web-kick from the command line on the ssh server to force the reconfiguration. Alternatively, you can place your site in maintenance mode for a minute from the Site Information panel in our member interface.

Use the phpinfo() function to review the active config and confirm that your changes have taken effect.


You may include any directive supported by the version of PHP you are using in this file. For more information about PHP configuration directives, see the official PHP documentation.