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The NearlyFreeSpeech.NET FAQ (*)

Domain Name Service (DNS) (*)

Q. How come I can't remove that DNS record?

If you run into this, it is most likely a CNAME or A record that was automatically created by our system when you added a corresponding alias to one of your sites because you wanted our system to know that a certain hostname (such as should be used with that site.

If this is your situation, the record in question will appear in the "NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Resource Records " box on the DNS information panel for your domain and will typically look similar to: CNAME
or A

If you want to remove a DNS record associated with a site alias, like a CNAME record pointing to an name, visit the Sites panel and select the relevant site's short name. The Site Information panel will list the aliases and provide "Remove" buttons in the "Site Names & Aliases" box. Removing the alias will automatically delete any related records from your DNS.