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The NearlyFreeSpeech.NET FAQ (*)

Domain Registration (*)

Q. How I do I get the transfer code for a domain registered here?

To transfer your domain to another registrar, you will need a transfer code, also known as an EPP code, auth info code, or transfer secret.

To get the transfer code for a domain registered here:

  1. Go to the domain's "Registration Details" page, reachable by selecting the "Manage" button for that domain in the "Registrar" column on the Domains panel.
  2. Make sure your domain is unlocked. If it isn't, stop and do that first.
  3. Select the "Retrieve Transfer Code" action from the "Actions" box.
  4. Enter your password on the Retrieve Transfer Code panel.
  5. Select the confirmation checkbox.
  6. Select the "Retrieve Transfer Code" button.

A transfer code will be generated and displayed on the resulting page.

If you intend to transfer a domain to another registrar, or if you do not see the "Retrieve Transfer Code" action after unlocking your domain, please see this related entry.