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The NearlyFreeSpeech.NET FAQ (*)

Domain Registration (*)

Q. What are the steps involved in an inbound domain transfer?

Each inbound domain transfer from another registrar has the following steps:

  1. Verify that you have an account with sufficient funds available to make the transfer.
  2. Make sure the domain is eligible for transfer. (I.e. that it has not changed ownership or been registered, renewed, or transferred in the past 60 days.)
  3. Unlock the domain at the current registrar.
  4. Obtain the transfer code (also known as "auth info code" or "EPP code" or "transfer secret") from the current registrar.
  5. Make sure that the current registrar has a valid email address for the domain's administrative contact and that you know what that address is.
  6. If you will be switching to our DNS service:
    1. set that up first, then
    2. update your name server settings at your current registrar to match those shown on the DNS information page for your domain.
  7. Place the transfer order from the Domains panel.
  8. The info panel for your domain will show that it has an Action Status of "Transfer waiting for Admin Contact Approval."
  9. Check the email for the domain's administrative contact for a message with a link to a web page where you can approve the transfer.
  10. Approve the transfer on that page.
  11. The "Registration Details" page for your domain will show that it has an Action Status of "Transfer waiting for Losing Registrar Approval."
  12. Wait up to seven days for the current registrar to release the domain.
  13. When the transfer is finished, the Action Status and Transfer Status entries will disappear and be replaced by one Status entry that says "Active."
  14. If the transfer fails, it may linger in our system for a bit, but it will ultimately be refunded and the "Registration Details" page for that domain will be completely removed so you can try the transfer again.

These are the high-level steps. This section of the FAQ contains many other entries that provide detailed information for the various steps.