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Q. What is adjunct access?

Adjunct access is a sharing tool that allows you to grant another member SSH and SFTP (and, if you enable it, FTP) access to one of your sites. It also allows them to view some information about the site in our member interface. It does not allow them to modify that information.

If you need more powerful sharing that allows editing site settings, DNS, and other services, account sharing may be a better choice than adjunct membership.

To grant adjunct access to another NearlyFreeSpeech.NET member:

  1. Visit the Sites panel.
  2. Select the "short name" of the site you want to share; this will take you to the Site Information panel.
  3. Find the "Adjunct Members" box.
  4. Use the "Add an Adjunct Member" button.
  5. Provide the other member's login name on the "Add Adjunct Member" panel.
  6. Confirm with the "Add Member as Adjunct" button.

If you have more than one site, granting a member adjunct access to one site will not enable them to edit any of your other sites.

When the other member does not have a funded account, adding the member to your site confers "Adjunct" status on that member. The member you add must already exist with a confirmed membership.

Adjunct members are not required to pay anything, and their memberships will not expire for non-payment as long as they have adjunct access to at least one site. Of course, they are still entitled to fund an account and create their own sites at any time without restricting their ability to share one or more sites with you.

There is no additional security within a site; any member who has permission to access the site can access or modify any part of the site content. Adjunct access grants full control over the content of your site but not the administration of it. Therefore, they may change or delete all the content on your site, but they cannot remove it from our system, close your accounts, see your balances, or perform any other activity unrelated to site content.

You are solely responsible for providing any support needed by members who do not have an account and a subscription membership with us.

All members must go through the signup process themselves to create their own memberships and agree to our Terms & Conditions of Service; you may not create NearlyFreeSpeech.NET memberships for other people.