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Q. How do I cancel my membership?

We are very sorry to hear that, but we understand that we are not the right environment for everyone. Just select the "Cancel Membership" action on the Profile tab in our member interface to let us know to close your membership and (if applicable) return the remaining balance in your account(s). We'll take care of it. (You must request the closure via this mechanism; to protect your privacy and security, you cannot close your membership via email.)

We will return your remaining funds by the same means you used to deposit them unless that is not possible (e.g. a closed PayPal account or cancelled credit card, or a credit card payment made more than a few months ago). Otherwise, we will offer you the best available options which include sending a check (less a small fee) if you are a US resident, transferring the funds to another member, or donating them to a deserving site or the EFF.

We have a no-hassle cancel policy, so you aren't required to provide a reason for cancelling, but we hope you do. We really appreciate feedback from all our current, former, and future members because that is the only way our service improves. However, if you think there's something we could help you work out to get you to stay, please let us know before you submit a cancellation request. Specifically, please don't use the "reason for cancelling box" to say anything like "if you do XYZ I won't cancel." By the time we respond, some or all of your cancellation may already have been processed. That's a missed opportunity to put things back on the right track, and we hate to see that.

Important: If you have any domains registered through us, you must transfer them to another registrar or wait for them to expire and be deleted before you will be able to cancel your membership. This is ICANN's policy, not ours.