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MySQL (*)

Q. What username and password do I use to administer my MySQL process?

When you created your MySQL process, a temporary password was set up automatically. The name of your process, your admin username, and the temporary password were all sent to you via email at that time. The temporary password is not stored and no one at NearlyFreeSpeech.NET knows what it is. Also, we recommend that you change the admin password and create additional users for your application.

Your MySQL admin username is typically the same as your member login. However, we allow longer usernames than MySQL supports, so if your username is very long, it may be truncated for MySQL. To check your MySQL admin username, view the MySQL Process Information panel in our member interface for your MySQL process. The username will be shown on the "Default Admin Username" line of the "How to Access MySQL" box.

If you have lost the MySQL admin password, you can request that we try to reset it for you.