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MySQL (*)

Q. If I lose my MySQL admin user password, can you help me get it back?

Possibly. When we created your MySQL process, we assigned a password to the 'root' MySQL user, which only works from the physical machine running the process (which no users have access to). If you have not removed that, we can reset your database password with no problem. In cases where this is all that is needed, the cost is $1 (waived for support subscribers). If you want to do this, open an assistance request and indicate you are aware of the charge. If the reset is successful, a temporary password will be emailed to you.

If you have removed our access, which you are welcome to do, then we will have to use a different approach that is very time-consuming. A professional services fee will apply. (Typically, $10-30 depending upon the amount of DBA time required.) This approach will cause downtime for your database and any sites that depend on it. The procedure is fairly safe, but there is a small risk that it might cause you to lose some or all of your data.

We strongly recommend that you use your MySQL administrator username and password only for the purpose of creating other MySQL users. It is much too powerful to be used directly from your website or plugged into any web pages or config files! To create a new user with only the necessary privileges, see: this entry.

Please keep careful track of your MySQL passwords.