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Q. Why does my bank's website say you charged my credit card even though your site said the payment(s) failed?

The short version:

  1. If your bank says your credit card was charged after our system told you the address or security code were incorrect, that is a temporary issue on your bank's end.
  2. Your bank will automatically resolve the issue in a few days.
  3. There is nothing you or we can do to speed that process up.

The longer explanation:

If you enter your card billing address or card verification code incorrectly (as determined by your bank, not by us), we may not be able to accept the transaction. However, the bank that issued your card may place an authorization hold in the amount of the deposit anyway, just because we tried.

These temporary holds often show up in online summaries as "pending activity" or similar. However, your bank will automatically remove them after some period, usually a few days. Only the transactions that we accept and credit to your account will ultimately be charged to your credit card balance.

Some banks clearly display pending charges as separate from settled charges. Other banks do not. If you contact your bank, their customer support may incorrectly claim that the charge is not pending; i.e. that it has been fully processed. It appears to be exceedingly rare for them to be properly trained on the intricacies of credit card transaction processing. Please note that no credit card transaction is fully processed until it is settled in a daily batch in the middle of the following night.

Since such holds are placed by your card-issuing bank, they are entirely beyond our control. We cannot remove them, nor can we accelerate the pace at which your bank removes them. The best way to avoid this situation is to double-check your address information with your billing statement prior to making a deposit, and make sure your card verification code is correct.