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Q. How do I recover my login name or reset my password?

You can recover your login name (using your member email address) or reset your password (using your login name and email address) from this page on our public web site.

Here are two crucial pieces of information you need to reset your password and log in successfully:

To complete a password reset, you must perform all four of the following steps:

  1. Request a password reset email from our public web site. (You can do this once per hour.)
  2. Click the confirmation link in the password reset email. (This prevents others from harassing you by resetting your password without your consent.)
  3. Log in to our member interface using the temporary password found in the password reset email.
  4. Visit the Profile tab and select the "Change Password" action to set a new permanent password.

If at any point prior to step 2 you successfully log in with your old password, the password reset will be cancelled. Likewise, requesting a new password reset (once an hour has elapsed) cancels any incomplete previous password reset attempt.