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Q. How do I transfer something to another member?

Memberships represent an individual person and as such are non-transferable. Therefore, any kind of transfer will require the recipient to have a membership of their own. Once that is accomplished, there are a couple of different ways to proceed.

Option 1: You can transfer an account in its entirety, which will also transfer all sites, domains, and MySQL server processes funded by that account, using the Transfer an account between memberships assistance request.

Option 2: If the recipient already has an account, you can transfer items such as sites and domains individually from your account to the recipient's account using the Transfer assets between accounts assistance request.

You'll need to make sure you account for the migration of any MySQL data that might be living on a MySQL process you own, but do not wish to transfer to the other member; a site that depends on MySQL will break if it is separated from its database(s). Similarly, if you transfer a site that uses one or more domain names, it is generally necessary to transfer the domain name(s) as well.

In accordance with our policies, the balance of any account transferred between two parties becomes nonrefundable. Also, since we do not allow you to have more than one membership, we will generally not help you transfer assets between memberships if we determine that you control both memberships, unless one of the memberships is being closed as part of the transfer.

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