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The NearlyFreeSpeech.NET FAQ (*)

Programming (*)

How do I make work with my custom daemon process?

What is a software realm?

How do I set up the server to allow web applications to write files?

How does CGI work at NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

We support CGI scripts with a .cgi extension in any directory in any of the available CGI languages. You do not need to limit your scripts to a cgi-bin directory, but you may if you wish (they will still need a .cgi extension unless you use the SetHandler directive in your .htaccess file). If you have trouble getting your scripts to execute make sure they are uploaded with execute permissions, that the #! line is correct, and that you've used Unix-format line endings.

CGI applications may be automatically terminated if they consume excessive system resources, run for an excessively long time, or appear to operating as "daemon" style processes.

NOTE: In addition to .cgi the following "default" CGI extensions will also work: .py .pl .rb

What can I do if I want a script to run every so often on my site (like cron)?

How do I customize my PHP configuration?

What is the path to the root of my site in PHP?

What is the best HTML editor to use with your system?

How do I alter the PHP memory limit?

What references do you recommend for web technologies?

Do you have register_globals enabled for PHP?

What is the path to the root of my site for CGI scripts?

How do I change the version of PHP that my site uses?

How do I control what user a CGI script runs as?

Can I compile my own CGI application on your servers?

I used an absolute path in an SSI and it didn't work. What should I do?

How do I write files from scripts run by the web server?

How do I protect an upload directory from being exploited?