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How can I set up simple password protection for part or all of my site?

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If I use AWStats, how can I keep just anybody from looking at my statistics?

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How do I set up Dreamweaver to upload files to my site?

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While running AWStats, I get the message "Error 500: Internal Server Error (Premature end of script headers)." What's wrong?

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While running AWStats for the first time, I get a message about permissions. What's going on?

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How can I customize NearlyFreeSpeech's provided AWStats script?

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When I try to run AWStats it just times out. What's wrong?

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(Drupal 6.16 Installation) (HTML-formatted draft)

These instructions are written for Drupal 6.16 and assume you do not already have a site, MySQL process or MySQL database created. The MySQL instructions refer to the use of phpMyAdmin to administer the database.

1. Create a new site on our service

2. Create a MySQL process

3. Create a new [[CreateDatabase|MySQL database in the MySQL process you just created (use phpMyAdmin)

4. Create a new MySQL user]] for your Drupal installation to use with this new database (see [[MyAdminUser|why this is important)

5. Install Drupal

6. Basic site configuration

7. NFSN-specific configuration steps