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Q. Is my website non-production, production, or critical?

Although this is largely up to you to determine, there are two exceptions.

First, if a site generates revenue of any kind, in any amount, it cannot be a non-production site.

Second, the number of non-production sites you can have is limited to half of your sites, rounded up. If you have more than one site, some of them must be production (or critical) sites regardless of what they're used for. If you have too many non-production sites, our system will apply an Excess Non-Production Sites charge to make up the difference.

Beyond those two criteria, it's your decision. If you have a gut instinct that one of the options is best, you're probably right. If you're not sure, look at the restrictions associated with non-production sites, and the additional custom monitoring associated with critical sites. If your top priority is low cost and you can live with the restrictions, your site is probably non-production. If your top priority is stability, your site is probably production. If your top priority is availability at all costs, your site is probably critical.

Sites that people tend to regard as non-production include (but aren't limited to):

Sites that people tend to regard as production include (but aren't limited to):

Sites that people tend to regard as critical include (but aren't limited to):

But, to reiterate, as long as you maintain appropriate ratios and follow the revenue rule — that non-production sites may not generate revenue — the choice is yours.