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Q. Why was my system problem report closed as "works as configured?"

This indicates that the behavior you reported as a system problem is actually the correct, direct result of how you have things set up. That's actually good news, because it means that it is under your control and you can resolve it on your own.

However, this response often confuses people, because if someone knows that they set something up a certain way, they usually don't report it as a system problem. So receiving this response typically indicates that one of the following has happened:

Here are some common examples of "Works as Configured" issues:

If the issue is related to a web site, the "Troubleshoot Site" action (available from the Actions box on the Site Information panel for the site) can point out a lot of configuration issues that cause unwanted behavior.

It's often also helpful to go through our member interface and review anything in yellow, orange, or red text, or anything that says "Deprecated," "End-of-Life," "Obsolete," "Dangerous" or similar.

If you're unable to find the requisite setting to control the undesirable behavior, you may wish to post about your issue in our forum or, if you are a subscription member, open an individual support issue. (Although if you are a subscription member, "works as configured" responses are auto-converted to individual support requests.)