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How much email can my site send?

I need email hosting for my domain. Where should I get it?

I sent a test message from my Gmail account through NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Email Forwarding, which forwards back to my Gmail account. How come it never showed up?

Our theory is that Gmail does not like "duplicate" messages. Because there is a copy of this message already in your "Sent" folder, it appears that gmail will ignore the copy that has made the round trip through our server and back.

If you try your test from some other Gmail account (one other than the one the message will ultimately be delivered to) then it should arrive normally.

Gmail also filters spam and viruses fairly vigorously, and sometimes test messages blend in, so don't forget to check your "Junk" folder if you're expecting a message that hasn't arrived. We also have some reported cases that messages sent to Gmail sometimes simply don't arrive (whether forwarded through our system or not).

How can I stop spammers from sending email that says that it's from my domain?

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How do I set up third-party email services with NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS?

I have NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Email Forwarding. Somebody tried to send me email and it was rejected. Why?

How do I remove / stop being charged for NearlyFreeSpeech.NET email forwarding for my domain?

Why can't I use an email address in a domain used here as my contact address?

What should I put in my SPF records to send mail from my site using my domain name?

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What is greylisting?

Why can't I disable the spam filter/virus protection/greylisting on my email forwarding?