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How much email can my site send?

As an anti-spam provision, each web site has a dynamic email limit called its "email bank." This represents the amount of email that a site can send before it is rate-limited. By default, the email bank can hold a maximum of 100 "points," each of which can be used to send one message. Points accrue at the rate of one per minute, starting from 0 when the site is created.

Each site's email bank values are shown on the Site Information page as a fraction on the "Email Sending" line. The first number indicates the current size of the email bank, and the second number indicates the maximum size. For example, if it shows 75/100, it means the site's email bank currently contains 75 out of a maximum of 100 points. If it shows 100/100, it indicates that your bank is full, implying that the site has not sent any email recently.

Each time your site sends a message, the email bank will be debited one point. As long as your site's current email bank size is positive, it should be able to send 30-60 messages per minute. If your site's email bank reaches zero (e.g. 0/100), additional messages sent will be queued until more points are available, effectively rate-limiting additional messages to one per minute. If your site has queued outbound messages, this information will also be visible on the Site Information page.

If your site generates a large mail queue, usually the result of a vulnerable email form, we will automatically investigate. If we believe there is an issue, we will remove spam, disable any exploited sites, and contact you about the problem.

If the messages are not spam, they will be cleared to send, and if it happens frequently, your maximum bank size may be raised to accommodate the typical volume of email that your site sends. If you have an increased bank size, you will both send messages and recover bank points more quickly. We do not make changes to the automatic email volume limits based on member inquiry, only based on actual, reoccurring conditions detected and observed by us. Most reviews of the queue take place during our standard support hours, so if you have a large volume of mail to send, please try to avoid sending it in the middle of the night or it may get delayed until the following morning.

The email bank applies only to emails sent by your web site. Email forwarding is an entirely separate service and has no connection to any site's email bank.

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