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Log Files (*)

What is the easiest way to make sense of my log files?

Do my site's log files count as space usage for billing purposes?

I've enabled log files, now where are they?

What are log files and how are they used?

My log file is huge and I can't remove it. What do I do?

As long as the system is writing to a log file, you cannot modify or erase it. Once you rotate the log file and the system starts on a new one, you can delete the old one if you wish. You can read your log files even if they have not been rotated, you just can't delete them while a server is still using them.

You can access and delete your old log files via ssh or SFTP by looking in the /home/logs directory. (But you'll still have to rotate them before you can do anything but look.)

If you've disabled logging, the option to rotate them will not be available to you. Enable your logs, rotate them, disable them, and then delete them.

How does log rotation work?

How do I enable my log files?

Why aren't log files enabled by default?

The return code 304 shows up in my log files all the time. What is it?

How come the bytes in my site's access log file do not match the site's actual traffic?

How many old log files will be kept during log rotation?

What are each of the fields in the access log?

I rotated my log files, but the access_log.old file was not compressed. Why not?

What is the format of the error log?

What happens if I change log file compression techniques?