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Technology (*)

Do you support PHP? FastCGI? SSI?

What database software do you support?

What common web applications and frameworks work with your system?

Do you support TLS for member sites?

Can I use .htaccess files to customize my web server configuration?

May I install other types of server applications that are not web-based?

What type of control panel do you use?

What software can I use to access your system?

What are the most common things that do not work on your system?

Why don't you offer static IP addresses?

Does 'NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS' support subdomains?

What is your hosting network like?

How big is a gigabyte?

How many MySQL databases can I have?

What sort of spam protection does your email forwarding provide?

What kind of hardware and OS will my site be running on?

Do you support IPv6?

Yes. NearlyFreeSpeech.NET strongly supports the migration of the Internet to IPv6. Most of our own sites, including and are IPv6 enabled. We also support IPv6 for ssh access to member sites.

We also offer IPv6 support for HTTP/HTTPS access to member sites hosted here. It is enabled by default on newly-created sites. For existing sites, it can be enabled on a per-site basis from our member interface.