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What is the connection information to upload files to my web site?

How do I upload my content to my site?

Can I access my web site via ssh?

What directory do I upload my web site's files to?

What hostname should I use for SSH/SFTP?

How do I connect to the shell with ssh?

Why do I have to enable FTP in two places to get it to work?

What is SFTP?

Can I configure my ssh connection to use a public key?

I tried to SFTP to and it failed. Why?

What are the fingerprints for the NearlyFreeSpeech.NET ssh keys?

What do I do if I have problems with FTP?

What if I think the name of your ssh server is too long?

Easy way: You can use instead of if you prefer.

Better way: OpenSSH allows the creation of nicknames. To use this feature, create (or edit) the file ~/.ssh/config (on the client machine you will be connecting from, not ours!) and add content like this:

Host nfsnssh
        Port 22

With this done, you can use "nfsnssh" as if it were a hostname in ssh, scp, and sftp. For example, just use ssh mylogin_mysite@nfsnssh to connect to mysite as mylogin.

You can even use the User option to create per-site nicknames to make commands even shorter:

Host *_nfsn
        Port 22

Host mysite_nfsn
        User mylogin_mysite

Host othersite_nfsn
        User mylogin_othersite
Then you just ssh mysite_nfsn to connect to mysite and ssh othersite_nfsn to connect to othersite. It doesn't get much shorter than that! See the ssh_config man page for complete details.

If you don't happen to be using OpenSSH, many other ssh tools offer similar options, many with graphical interfaces that make establishing a connection as simple as clicking, regardless of the hostname.

I can connect to NearlyFreeSpeech.NET just fine, so why is your SFTP or ssh server unreachable or timing out?

Is automated FTP access to the system allowed?

Is automated SSH/SFTP access to the system allowed?