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MySQL (*)

How do I get a MySQL process?

Ok, I have a MySQL process. How do I create a database?

What is the DSN (hostname) I should use to connect to my MySQL database?

What is the difference between a MySQL process and a MySQL database?

A MySQL process or MySQL server (or even MySQL server process) refers to the actual running MySQL software.

A MySQL database, on the other hand, is a collection of related tables within a MySQL process that share a common purpose, like running a forum or blog application.

A MySQL process may contain more than one MySQL database. (If it doesn't have at least one, it isn't very useful.)

MySQL processes are identified by their DSN or hostname, which is of the form example.db. You chose this when you created the MySQL process, and you can see it on your MySQL panel in the user interface.

MySQL databases are identified by their database name. You can create these from phpMyAdmin.

Sometimes the term MySQL database gets misused to mean the MySQL process. This usually happens when the process only has one database. We try to avoid that usage, because it is ambiguous and confusing, and we encourage you to do the same. But it happens, so if someone says "MySQL database" and you aren't 100% sure which one they mean, ask them. "Do you mean the MySQL process itself or the database within the process?" The confusion you avoid may be your own, because you have to know which name goes where when you configure your application.

If I lose my MySQL admin user password, can you help me get it back?

How do I access my MySQL database process from the ssh server command line?

How do I access my MySQL database from my own computer?

Where can I find more information on properly creating MySQL users?

What are the default databases present in my MySQL process?

Why do I have to pay for a stopped MySQL process?

When I change my member password, do my MySQL passwords change too?

Why do I get an error "Cannot log in to the MySQL server" when I try to log in to phpMyAdmin?

What does the MySQL Error Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '.../mysql.sock' (2) mean? (or socket 'please_see_the_faq')

When I try to log in to phpMyAdmin I get the error "the username was not provided." What should I do?

Why shouldn't I use my MySQL admin username from my web site?

What 'Host' value should I use when creating MySQL users?

How can I make automatic backups of MySQL?

How do I enable or disable InnoDB for my MySQL process?

How can I remove my MySQL process?

What username and password do I use to administer my MySQL process?

How do I upgrade MariaDB to a newer version?

Why do newly-created MySQL processes seem so expensive?

What does it mean that my MySQL process is "damaged?"

How do I enable or disable MySQL logs?