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What canonical name redirection settings are available?

How do I enable directory indexes for my site?

How do I create a website for the sole purpose of forwarding visitors to another website?

When should the rewrite log be used?

How do I change the text displayed for missing pages and other errors?

What should my site's canonical name be?

What is a per-alias document root?

What path should I use for .htpasswd files?

How do I restrict which IP addresses can access my site?

How do I control redirection of HTTP visitors to HTTPS?

Can I set up more than one alias for my site?

Yes. Our servers support having more than one alternate name for your site (such as and If you visit the Sites panel and then select your site name in the "Short Name" list, you will see the Site Information page, where you can add and remove aliases at any time.

You may also add NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS to an alias at any time by visiting the Domains panel and choosing "Add" under the "DNS" column for the relevant alias (domain).

How do I make my site fast and scalable?

What is a run script?

How do I change the server type my site uses?