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Do you offer telephone support?

Someone else uses your service and wants my help with it. How do I help them?

Very carefully.

First and foremost, do not let the other person give you their login credentials. If they do, don't use them. Doing that will result in the membership being suspended, and will cause both of you all kinds of problems and misery without helping anybody.

That means that to help someone else with our service you're going to need a (free) membership of your own. There are two very important reasons for this:

  1. When you go to the signup page, you'll see bold print warnings that memberships are created for individuals (not companies or organizations) and that they may not be created for others, transferred, or shared. Make sure you heed those warnings. If you don't: suspended → problems and misery → nobody helped.
  2. Creating your own membership will give you the opportunity to look around our system and make sure that you're familiar with the features and limitations of our service, and that you're comfortable you can provide the necessary help.

Second, it matters what type of help is being sought.

If the person just needs help managing the content of a web site, we have a feature called adjunct access which allows one member to edit another member's site. There's no fee for that; you can create a membership and be given adjunct access to another person's site without ever paying anything. Full information about adjunct access is available in the version of our FAQ available on our member site.

We also offer the ability to share an account between multiple members. This is the best way to organize many types of complex projects, or hosting for companies where more than one person needs to be involved. This also doesn't require anyone but the "main" member to pay anything. Full information about this is also available in the version of our FAQ on our member site.

If the person needs more help than that, there are two basic ways to proceed.

It's important to emphasize that due to our privacy policy, we will not under any circumstances discuss the details of any person's membership with any other person in the absence of their express written consent, provided through our site.

Should I use NearlyFreeSpeech.NET or a VPS?