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The NearlyFreeSpeech.NET FAQ (*)

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What is the difference between Domain Registration, DNS Service, and a web site?

Why does my domain not point to my site yet? (Or: What is an alias and why do I need one?)

What's the recommended way to install WordPress on NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

Should I make my own backups?

How do I create a site on your system?

I uploaded a new page, but my browser still shows the old one. What should I do?

Is adding an alias to my site or creating DNS for a domain the same as registering it?

What's the easiest way to register a domain and set up a web site on your service?

After I set up, how long does it take for things to start working?

Where can I find more information about whether or not your service supports the software I want to use on my site?

How do I make a deposit?

If you already have an account:

  1. On the Accounts tab, click the name of the account you want to fund.
  2. On the Account Information panel for your account, click the "Deposit Funds" link in the Actions box.
  3. Choose your payment method and proceed with your payment.

If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one to make a deposit:

  1. Visit the Accounts tab in our member interface.
  2. Select the "Create New Account" action in the Actions box.
  3. Fill in the requested info and click "Save Changes."
  4. On the resulting page, select the "Fund this account now" action from the Actions box.
  5. Choose your payment method and proceed with your payment.

In either case, you will be sent an email after your deposit is complete that serves as your receipt.

Does it matter if filenames are uppercase or lowercase?

How do I remove a domain that is listed on my membership?

How do I delete a web site?

How do I repair permissions on my site?