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What is the difference between Domain Registration, DNS Service, and a web site?

Why does my domain not point to my site yet? (Or: What is an alias and why do I need one?)

What's the recommended way to install WordPress on NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

How do I connect to my site to upload files?

Should I make my own backups?

How do I create a site on your system?

NOTE: If you plan to register a domain name when you set up your site with us, you can use the instructions in our Getting Started Guide.

By "site" we mean the method by which you instruct our system to set up space in which you can create a web site. This is a necessary first step (after creating a funded account that will pay for the resources your site uses) before you can do anything else, such as uploading files or associating a domain name with your site.

  1. First, make sure you have created and funded an account. Visit the Accounts panel and verify that you have at least one funded account available. If not, click "Create a New Account" from the "Actions" box and follow the instructions.
  2. Visit the Sites panel and click "Create a New Site" from the "Actions" box.
  3. Choose a funding source (if you have more than one account).
  4. Pick a "short name" for your site.

(The "short name" will be used as the subdomain of (such as that you can use to access your site via a web browser; it is not necessary to register your own domain name to host a site on our service.)

For more information on associating a domain name with your site and setting up DNS, see the "Domain Name Service (DNS)" and "Domain Registration" sections of our FAQ.

For more general service-related questions, please see the "Our Service" section of our FAQ.

I uploaded a new page, but my browser still shows the old one. What should I do?

Is adding an alias to my site or creating DNS for a domain the same as registering it?

What's the easiest way to register a domain and set up a web site on your service?

After I set up, how long does it take for things to start working?

Where can I find more information about whether or not your service supports the software I want to use on my site?

How do I make a deposit?

Does it matter if filenames are uppercase or lowercase?

How do I remove a domain that is listed on my membership?

How do I delete a web site?