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What's the catch?

What payment methods do you accept for account deposits?

What is your refund policy?

A member may easily request cancelation of their service at any time from the Profile tab in our member interface.

When a membership is canceled, we will return the prepaid balance remaining in your account—all of it.* Since we provide a pay-as-you-go service (for almost everything but domain registration and privacy), you're only responsible for the cost of services we have already provided. There's no "OK, but your cancellation won't be effective until the beginning of the next billing cycle." or "OK, we'll cancel you right now, but you agreed to pay for a zillion years of hosting in advance, so you don't get a refund." We'll process your cancellation request as soon as possible and (in most cases) refund your remaining balance at that point.

If you try our service and figure out the same day (by 9 PM US Eastern time) that it is not right for you, let us know immediately. Sometimes, but not always, we can void your transaction so that it will be as if you were never even charged. We can't promise that, but if you let us know fast enough, we will do our best for you.

There are rare cases where funds may be nonrefundable:

We cannot issue a partial refund of your prepaid balance. We can only issue a refund in conjunction with the close of your membership, and it will be for the full remaining balance unless you specify otherwise.

Also, ICANN does not allow registered domains to be abandoned. If you have any domains registered through us, you must transfer them to another person or registrar before requesting cancellation. (Fees paid for domain registration are typically nonrefundable.)

*If we have to mail you a check, there will be a small charge deducted from your balance first, and we won't issue a refund by check for a balance less than the charge.

This is intended to be a thorough summary, but please see our Terms and Conditions of Service for complete details.

What if I want to host unpopular or controversial content?

What happens if my account runs completely out of funds?

What is customer service like for subscription members?

What is customer service like for baseline members?

What if my site uses less than $0.01 of bandwidth in a month?

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What is supplemental verification?

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Is anything recoverable from a membership that has been closed?

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