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The NearlyFreeSpeech.NET FAQ (*)

Troubleshooting (*)

How should I describe problems I'm seeking help with?

Why can't I delete or change the permissions of these files my web application created?

If I have a directory called example, why can't I refer to it as /example?

Why does my site keep redirecting to the wrong alias?

What does it mean that a site "has temporarily exceeded its connection limit?"

I can't access my site at all. What should I check first?

What do I do if someone is trying to waste my site's bandwidth?

Why shouldn't I refer to my site as "" in the forum?

Why does your credit card form say my address (or zip) "failed validation" even though I know it is correct?

Why do I sometimes receive an "Access Denied" error when visiting my site?

Why am I getting a "premature end of script headers" error when I try to run a script?

Why doesn't my .htaccess file work with Apache 2.4?

Why do I get "The requested URI could not be accessed" when logging in to the control panel of my WordPress site?

Why is there a tiny bug icon on a page in the member interface?

This indicates that something unusual happened on that page that the system thinks we need to know about.

We're committed to increasing the quality of our software, so we're constantly implementing new checks and stricter language features. So in almost every case, the "bug" is just the system letting us know that it found something that isn't technically wrong, but could be better. But sometimes, it's a real bug. Either way, we'll be automatically notified, and we'll check it out and fix it.

Most of the time, you can ignore the icon. But if you see one, it's a good indication to double check that everything happened as you expect.

Why is my WordPress site asking for FTP credentials?