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What should I do if I've lost access to the email address associated with my membership?

How do I recover my login name or reset my password?

Why can't I access your service from an IP listed as a Tor exit node by default?

Why aren't I getting system emails (like password resets) from NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

What is the login recovery process?

Why do I get redirected to the login page without an error message when I try to log in to your member site?

What does the error "the login information provided is not correct" mean?

First, if you are having trouble logging in, make sure this is the exact error message you are receiving. There are several other things detailed in this section of our FAQ that can cause problems logging in, but they each display a different message.

To prevent people from using incorrect login attempts to gain information about your membership or our system, this message is intentionally vague. However, if you see the "login information is incorrect" error after attempting to log in, our system will send an email to your member contact address with more detailed information about the failed login attempt. That information will include whether the problem is with the password, or (if you are using it) two-factor authentication.

If the problem is with the username, our system won't know who you are and can't send the email, so make sure to check for typos in the username. If you're not sure about your username, you can request that our system verify it for you.

If the email refers to a problem with two-factor authentication or "secondary auth," that typically indicates that you have a two-factor device configured for your membership, but that you didn't enter an authentication code from your device, used the wrong one (perhaps one for another service), or waited too long to login after generating it. If your two-factor device is lost or broken, you can use previously-generated one-use recovery codes to log in. If you don't have any one-use recovery codes saved, you'll have to go through our login recovery process.

If the email indicates the problem is with the password and you're not sure you have the right one, you can request a reset. When using temporary passwords generated by our system, the most common problems are:

We don't know what your password is, and there is no way for us to retrieve it. If a particular password is giving you trouble, even if you're sure you know what it is, your best option is often to request a reset anyway. (You can do this up to once an hour.)

What should I do if the two-factor device used for logging in to my membership is lost or broken?

What should I do if I've forgotten what email address is associated with my membership?

What do I do if my membership was frozen due to sharing or a fraudulent transfer?

What happens if I enter the incorrect email address when I create my membership?

Why does the members site keep asking me to log in again?