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The NearlyFreeSpeech.NET FAQ (*)

Member Support (*)

What is the status of my support issue?

How can I get specific software installed for my site?

What is a system problem?

Do I really have to buy a subscription membership just to get a simple question answered?

Why was my system problem report closed as "works as configured?"

What are the options available for member support?

We provide a number of support options designed to meet various needs.

Self-Help Options

Self-help options are always free. They include:

Community Support Options

Like self-support, our community support forum is free and available to all members. In addition to our staff, lots of awesome volunteers hang out here, so this is a great way to get a fast answer to a simple question. (And often complex ones as well!)

Special-Purpose Professional Support

Like self-help options, our special-purpose support options are free. Unlike self-help, the scope of the special-purpose professional options is very limited.

General-Purpose Professional Support

If you would like to ask questions or get personal support from our staff in private, we provide that service through an optional, extra-cost subscription membership. If you have one, you can open a support issue. If your question is within the scope of our support, we'll do our best to help out. Keep in mind that our service is do-it-yourself in nature, and a few dollars a month doesn't change that; this feature is used to request information from us to help you do something, it is not used to get us to do things for you. "Can you help me figure out why my site is slow?" is something we may be able to help with. "Please fix my site's code so it isn't slow" is not. Support provided through our subscription membership is also "best effort." We'll do the best we can to help out, and we're pretty good, but we're neither omniscient nor omnipotent, so we can't guarantee any particular outcome or result.

Can you help me restore something that has been deleted?

Why was my system problem report closed as "not a system problem?"

What are the various responses to a system problem report?

How can I give you private feedback about your service?

How do I "cash out" unused support points?

Do you participate on Twitter?

How do system problem reports work?

What is an assistance request?

Why don't you provide free support?

Why don't you provide more detail in response to system problem reports?

How do I buy support points?

What if I can't figure out which support option to use?

Why does your support cost so much?

Why shouldn't I wait until I need support to set up a subscription membership?

What are support hours and expected response times?