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What is the status of my support issue?

How can I get specific software installed for my site?

What is a system problem?

Do I really have to buy a subscription membership just to get a simple question answered?

Why was my system problem report closed as "works as configured?"

What are the options available for member support?

Can you help me restore something that has been deleted?

Why was my system problem report closed as "not a system problem?"

What are the various responses to a system problem report?

How can I give you private feedback about your service?

How do I "cash out" unused support points?

Do you participate on Twitter?

Our official Twitter handle is @nfsn. However, as of 2023, we are phasing out our use of Twitter.

For now, if there's an outage or a system problem that affects most of our members, we'll still try to post about it on Twitter. (Unless the problem takes less time to fix than to describe.)

However, beyond that, we had already decided Twitter was a raging dumpster fire when its new ownership started trying to drown it with gasoline. Twitter's apparent purpose is to manufacture rage and induce conflict. We don't think those are useful properties for a communication channel. Nor are they well-suited to working together to find and solve problems. As a result, Twitter is not a method we use to interact with our members.

We always value what our members have to say. If you want to share your thoughts with us or need help with something, please use our forums or check your options on the Support tab of our member interface.

How do system problem reports work?

What is an assistance request?

Why don't you provide free support?

Why don't you provide more detail in response to system problem reports?

How do I buy support points?

What if I can't figure out which support option to use?

Why does your support cost so much?

Why shouldn't I wait until I need support to set up a subscription membership?

What are support hours and expected response times?