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What is adjunct access?

What is the fine print on the "two cents" free trial?

What is a resource accounting unit?

What is an alternate emergency contact?

How do I set up HTTPS (TLS) for my web site?

How exactly are storage charges calculated?

Will bandwidth charges apply to my ssh usage?

What are the default directories created when I set up a new site?

What is resource billing?

How do I transfer something to another member?

How do I set up two-factor authentication for my membership?

The IP addresses listed for my site have changed since I last looked. Should I be concerned?

How do I set up TLS using my own key and a third-party certificate?

To manage services for multiple entities, should I create multiple memberships or accounts?

How do I cancel my membership?

How did my account get overdrawn?

You probably have a registered domain with RespectMyPrivacy service. That is the only service intentionally allowed to overdraft your account. We could very easily cancel or disable it as soon as you run out of funds, but the consequences of doing so are permanent -- once your information becomes public, reactivating privacy later won't cause people to unsee it or remove it from websites that troll whois info looking for and publishing these kinds of changes.

So, because we care about your privacy and we know that oversights happen, we choose to give you every opportunity to correct the problem before we have to expose your personal details. Our policy is to cancel your RespectMyPrivacy service after 30 days of nonpayment. However, during that time, charges will continue to accrue, leaving you with a negative balance. That negative balance directly reflects that we would rather lose money than let a brief lapse compromise your privacy. Also, please keep in mind that privacy service is still needed for about 75 days after the domain expires.

The best way to resolve this is to add funds. If you don't want to do that, you can also remove RespectMyPrivacy to prevent further charges from accumulating, but the negative balance will hang around (and generate reminder emails) until you resolve it or close your membership.

The best way to avoid this is to prepay your RespectMyPrivacy service. You'll even get a 10% prepayment discount for doing so. This option is so good that it's now baked right into the service, but it's not retroactive so if you have an existing domain without it, the change won't take effect for existing domains until you renew them or manually prepay. If you are reading this because non-prepaid privacy resulted in an overdrawn account, that's an indicator that manually prepaying is probably right for you.

The best way to check this is to go to the Account Information panel for the overdrawn account and look at the "Estimated Recurring Activity" box. It will contain a "RespectMyPrivacy Service" line showing how many domains you have with privacy service, and how many are prepaid.

The rest of our service is fully paid in advance; charges (and services) automatically suspend when your account runs out of funds. In some rare cases, you can wind up with a negative balance of a penny or two if your usage is just right at the moment your account is depleted. If that happens and you don't want to add additional funds, don't worry, when you cancel our system will scratch out those types of small negative balances.

Naturally, issuing chargebacks can also result in a significant negative balance. Any chargeback-related negative balances must be resolved before you can cancel or access any services paid for by the charged-back funds. (For example, chargebacks are one of the few justifications ICANN allows for a registrar to suspend or seize a domain name.)

Can I change the name of my _____?

How can people contribute funds to support my site?

Why was I warned that my PayPal deposit is nonrefundable?

If I want to start my site over, should I delete it and make another with the same name?

How come I can't ping/traceroute stuff on your network?

How do I sign up my friend for NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?

I tried to change my contact email address but I never got a confirmation email. How do I get another one sent to me?

What is maintenance mode?

You forwarded me a DMCA notification affecting my site. Now what?

How do I transfer something from one account to another on my membership?

How can multiple people manage services hosted here?

Why does my bank's website say you charged my credit card even though your site said the payment(s) failed?

I don't log in to your site all the time. How do I stay up to date on news and announcements?

How do I remove or replace my two-factor device?

What is the "Excess Non-Production Sites" charge?

How do I hand over control of hosted services to someone else?

How do I see what users I have granted adjunct access to my site?

How do I transfer funds between accounts on my membership?

What are the IP addresses of your name servers?

How do I remove TLS?

Is my website non-production, production, or critical?

What is unbilled storage?

How do I change the contact email address I gave you when I created my membership?

Why can't I cancel my membership?

How do I get a receipt for a deposit I made?

What is account sharing?

Is penetration testing of sites hosted here allowed?

How can I send funds to another member's account or site?

Do you provide refunds for services already rendered?

Since your service is prepaid, how do I know when to add funds?

What do I do if I find a typo or mistake in your documentation?

Will my site still incur charges if it is disabled?

What is NearlyFreeSpeech's backup strategy for user content?